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What is a humanist wedding?

It's simply a ceremony that expresses your love and your mutual commitment to share your life together in an absolutely unique, personalized and meaningful way. You are free to choose words, readings, music and symbolic acts to create a ceremony made to your desires.


Why a humanist wedding?

Many people, want to enter into a committed married relationship with a meaningful and deeply personalized celebration wich can involve children, family members and friends in a closer way that is right for them. Nothing is more inclusive than a strictly personalized ceremony.


Where can a ceremony be held?

You can have your very own ceremony wherever you want, indoor or outdoor.
In a castle, villa, historical palace, hotel or on a beach, family garden, romantic park, forest, cave, chapel, stadium or other location of your choice.


New weddings and renewal of vows

It often happens that one or both of the parties have been previously married and divorced, separated or widowed. What better opportunity of a wedding ceremony to involve and include children from previous relationships into the "new family" or to rebuild kinships that had broken up due to disagreements or misunderstandings. The ceremony will be an occasion to show your feelings publicly rather than to express regret for the past and your commitments and aspirations for the future with words that too often have no place in everyday life.

An important wedding anniversary or a desire to renew one's trust and commitment to each other after a moment of crisis or serious difficulties in the couple's life: deciding to reaffirm your vows will mean awakening the dormant feelings, retracing the important steps in life that you have already experienced, rejuvenate and reinvigorate your choice to continue sharing the future together.


Gay and lesbian weddings

In Italy the legal union of gay and lesbian couples has been allowed in the City Offices since May 2016 through a declaration in front of the registrar and at the presence of two witnesses.

The personalised ceremony wedding doesn't distinguish between heterosexual and homosexual couples. It's an opportunity for friends and family to witness your desire to undertake a committed long-term relationship, the attestation of a mature and conscious choice that can contribute to a better acceptance by close relatives.

Some couple decide to register their civil partnership abroad: a personalised wedding ceremony can express your deepest filing in front of family and friends.

You play the leading role

Your story at the center of the ceremony: you can choose everything for this exclusive and unforgettable occasion.
It can be fun, witty and ironic or solemn and formal ... and why not, you can mix all the ingredients. It's your choice!



The choice of the music depends on your personal taste. Classic, modern or simply evocative of your special moment. Live music is certainly more engaging and emotional.


Poems and Readings

Poems that have a particular significance for you, readings that express your feelings, rather than a plan statement of intent and scripts dedicated to you by your closest friends.


The promises

The vows represent the heart of the ceremony. If you wish not to follow a standardised formula but rather what comes straight from the heart, designed and planned by you both together.


Symbolic acts

From the traditional exchange of rings to the handfasting, to the ritual of sand or water to the rite of the rose or that of the light, up to the jumping of the broom. Let us build your symbolic wedding together.


The role of the celebrant

A ceremony is such if there is a celebrant. The celebration cannot be improvised because it's necessary to know what must be done and to study the ceremony together in detail: only in this way will it be unique and unforgettable, suitable and appropriate to your needs, in full respect of the religious feelings of the spouses and participants. The celebrant is not only who conducts your ceremony but is the one who meets you beforehand, who accompanies you in the choice of poems and readings and music by offering hints and suggestions, which builds with you your ceremony.

The great flexibility of humanist ceremonies is the most stimulating aspect. The number of couples who decide to get married by having children or while they're awaiting one is growing up: the experience and sensitivity of the celebrant will be able, if you want, to include the children, giving them an active part in their ceremony if their age allow it ; this will mean sharing with them the joy of consolidating their family and publicly declaring their parents' commitment to their future.

About me

Image My name is Isabella Cazzoli, I have been involved in humanist ceremonies and celebrants' training for ten years. I was the responsable of the "Ceremonies Laiche" a project of the UAAR association. At the moment I'm the treasurer and a co-founder of the Association "Cerimonie per Tutti" (visit the website whose mission is to promote ceremonies in all their aspects regardless of the different conceptions of the world.

Celebrating for me is a great privilege: to establish an intimate bond with couples and give voice to their stories and emotions to create together a celebration that fully reflects their love, joy and individuality, turning it into a wonderful social occasion . I am convinced of the social usefulness of ceremonies in moment of transition from one phase to another of our life.
I'm able to conduct ceremonies in English, French and / or bilingual, considering the cultures and customs of the spouses' countries origin to meet the growing demand of couples in which one or both spouses are foreigners and choose 'Italy as a destination for its culture and beauty, romance and home grown italian produce, to celebrate their marriage.

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Not only weddings...
Every occasion is worth a celebration: only you can decide when a ceremony is needed to underline a moment of meaningful changement in your life, to enhance an important event or an event that is important to you.


Welcome ceremonies

The birth of a child in a family is so exciting that the parents would want to shout it to the whole world. A ceremony to share with your nearest and dearest the joy of a birth or the formalization of an adoption or welcoming stepchildren.


Separations and divorces

In the United Kingdom it is usual to celebrate the divorce: socially formalizing the commitment of the separated parents towards the children will reassure them in their role regarding children exempting them from the sense of guilt for what happened.


Celebrating a life

A personal and dignified funeral ceremony focusing on the life that has just ended. It must be right and appropriate for the person who has died and for the close family. To strengthen and reconstruct social relations at the crucial moment of a mourning.


And many others...

Celebrating means to share in a solemn way a special moment of relevance for each of us.
From death of pet to the transition from adolescence to adulthood or graduation from university.


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